Oct 12, 2007

45 Plus

I'm selling a tour cd at all shows titled 45 Plus. It's a mix of various things I've done in the past few years.


01) Nobody's Smiling Part 1 (Dj Signify and Blockhead)
02) Untitled featuring GrandMaster Caz
03) Bukout
04) Nobody's Smiling Part 2 (Dj Signify and Blockhead)
05) Bollywood NYC (from Of Cities)
06) It Don't Stop featuring GrandMaster Caz
07) Bring Me Coffee Or Weed (Dj Signify and Sixtoo)
08) Wayward featuring Isiah and Mestizo
09) Delight To The Sadist
10) Motion Study
11) Bonus Verse featuring GrandMaster Caz
12) Freestyle - Melly Mel with Steinski
13) Spaceboy Dream - Belle, Sebastian, and Signify (from Indie Rock Blues)
14) Daily Medications - Elektro 4

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey dj signify - i got copies of your first two mixtape cds, and i'm down, and then i got a few bully 7 inches, like no one leaves, which is also dope. i also got a copy of sleepno more which is sweet, well done. i saw you guys on this recent tour in L.A. however i didn't have any money and i was wondering if you knew a place i could get a hold of this release. boaatmuser@yahoo.com
word thanks man